Media Appearances

I discuss with Paul Lewis the limitations of Active Fund Management. Feb 2023

More discussions on Active Fund Management and why fund managers don't invest in their own funds. April 2023

With my partner in crime, Yuval Millo, we discuss the problems of Active Fund Management with Jan and Caroline Bolmeson, hosts of Sweden's biggest personal finance podcast. March 2023

KBS Connections

Me interviewing Yuval about our recent Economy & Society paper on the defensiveness and epistemic opportunism of active fund managers. Includes some pretty hopeless advice on where to buy a shabby chic shirt in the Lower East Side. May 2023.

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Discussion around the significance of the record £21m levied on KPMG for audit failures at Carillion. Discussion starts at 30:28 and is followed up by some curious comments from a fund manager who claims the Carillion accounts obviously showed problems 3-4 years before the collapse. Funny how investment banks never noticed this at the time! 13th October 2023.